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Displaying cluster status for a slave blade

This topic applies to MSE Media2 blades only.

To display cluster status, go to Status > Cluster.

Cluster status is only available for MSE Media2 blades that are configured on the MSE 8050 Supervisor to be part of a cluster.

The table below describes the Status > Cluster page that displays for the slave in a cluster. For information about the details displayed for a master blade, see Displaying cluster status for a master blade.

Slave blades do not display the full MSE Media2 blade web interface. Only certain settings are available.

The master blade in a cluster inherits all the ports and port licenses from a slave blade. To configure conferences and other MCU functionality, you must go to the web interface of the master blade (accessible using the IP address displayed on the Status > Cluster page). When you look at the Status > Cluster page on a slave blade, it shows the status of the master blade.

Field Field description Usage tips

Possible statuses for the master blade are:

  • Still starting up: the master blade is in the process of starting up. Wait a few minutes and then refresh the Status > Cluster page.
  • OK: The master and slave are communicating correctly.
  • Lost contact: The slave blade has lost contact with the master blade. This status will only be momentarily visible because the slave blade will quickly restart itself in this case.




If the slave blade loses contact with the master blade it will restart itself. This is the only way that the slave blade can be correctly rejoined into the cluster. Usually, if a slave blade has lost contact with the master blade this is because the master blade has itself restarted.


Last seen

This field is only visible if the master has not been seen for 11 seconds. The slave blade will automatically restart itself very soon after it loses contact with the master.

IP address

The IP address of the master blade.


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