logo.gif MCU 4210
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Shutting down and restarting the MCU

It is sometimes necessary to shut down the MCU, generally to restart as part of an upgrade (see Upgrading and backing up the MCU). You should also shut down the MCU before intentionally removing power from it.

Shutting down the MCU will cause all conference participants to be disconnected, and allows the MCU to ensure that all data (such as Call Detail Records) is stored correctly. You will lose network connectivity with the MCU for a few minutes while you restart the unit.

To shut down the MCU:

  1. Go to Settings > Shutdown.
  2. Click Shut down MCU.
  3. Confirmation of shutdown is required; the button changes to Confirm MCU shutdown.
  4. Click again to confirm.
  5. The MCU will begin to shut down. The banner at the top of the page will change to indicate this.
    When the shutdown is complete, the button changes to Restart MCU.
  6. Click this button a final time to restart the MCU.

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