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Sending DTMF to an audio bridge

If you are cascading a conference on the MCU to an audio conferencing bridge, you might want to send DTMF tones to that audio bridge for the purpose of entering a conference ID number and PIN. To access the DTMF keypad:

  1. Go to Conferences and click on the conference name.
  2. From the list of participants, click on the audio bridge's name.
  3. Click the Send DTMF tab.

Pressing the keys on the DTMF keypad causes the MCU to generate the DTMF tones and send them in-band in the audio channel to the participant (in this case, the audio conferencing bridge). In this way, you can dial the audio conferencing bridge into a conference and then listen in to hear the instructions from the audio bridge. When the audio bridge requires DTMF entries, you can enter the required numbers by using the DTMF keypad.

Note that if you know exactly what the audio conferencing bridge is going to require when it is dialed into a conference, you can configure the bridge as an endpoint and set a DTMF sequence to be sent to that bridge. For more information about configuring endpoints refer to Configuring H.323 endpoints and/or Configuring SIP endpoints.

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