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DNS settings

This page describes how to configure and view DNS settings for the MCU.

Configuring DNS settings

To configure DNS settings on the MCU, go to Network > DNS. These settings determine the DNS configuration for the MCU.

Click Update DNS configuration after making any changes.


Field Field description Usage tips
DNS configuration
DNS configuration Select a DNS server preference from the list or select Manual to specify DNS settings manually.

If Manual is selected, all DNS settings are as configured on this page.

If Automatic via DHCP/Automatic via SLAAC/DHCPv6 is selected, there will be no DNS nameserver used until the value to use is received via DHCP on that interface. So, for example, if you select Port A IPv6 as the DNS setting, ensure that Port A is set to use DHCP by setting the IP configuration field for Port A in the IPv6 section of the Port A IP configuration page (Network > Port A) to Automatic via SLAAC/DHCPv6.

Note that if the DHCP server on your network does not supply DNS configuration information, then the MCU will have no ability to look up names. Additionally, for IPv6 the Router Advertisment packets determine whether or not DHCPv6 is used.

Host name

Specifies a name for the MCU.

Depending on your network configuration, you may be able to use this host name to communicate with the MCU, without needing to know its IP address.

Name server

The IP address of the name server.


Secondary name server

Identifies an optional second name server.

The secondary DNS server is only used if the first is unavailable. If the first server returns that it does not know an address, the secondary DNS server will not be queried.

Domain name (DNS suffix)

Specifies an optional suffix to add when performing DNS lookups.

This option can allow you to use non-fully qualified host names when referring to a device by host name instead of IP address.

For example, if the domain name is set to cisco.com, then a request to the name server to look up the IP address of host endpoint will actually lookup endpoint.cisco.com.

Viewing DNS status

Use the DNS status fields to verify the current DNS settings for the MCU, including:

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