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Using conference templates

Templates control the default settings for conferences. The MCU is shipped with the following default templates:

You can add additional templates below the top level template in a tree hierarchy. A newly created template will initially inherit the settings of the template selected as the parent template, but you can then tailor the settings of each template to the requirements of a particular conference. A template can be moved by selecting a new parent template in the Template configuration page. Templates can also be deleted. When you delete a template, any child templates below it in the hierarchy are also deleted. The MCU supports up to 100 templates in total.

When you add a new scheduled conference from the Conference list page, you select the template that you want the conference to use from a drop down list. The selected template provides the settings that appear on the Add conference page which you can then alter as required. You can also alter the conference settings during the conference.

The ad hoc conference template provides the configuration for all ad hoc conferences. You can alter any of the conference settings during the conference.

For information about the conference configuration settings, refer to Adding and updating conferences which lists all conference configuration settings.

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