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Failing to log into the web interface

When connecting to the MCU web interface, you must log in so that the MCU can associate the session with your configured user and a set of access privileges. The MCU has a set of configured users, and each user has an ID and password that are used for logging in.

If you see the Access denied page, you have not been able to log in for one of the following reasons:

Invalid passwords

This section applies to the MCU 4200 Series, the MCU 4500 Series and the MSE Media2 blade.

If Advanced account security mode has been enabled, the MCU will disable a user's account if that user incorrectly enters a password three times consecutively. If this is an admin account, it is disabled for 30 minutes; for any other account, it is disabled indefinitely (or until you, the administrator, re-enable the account from the Users page)

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